My Life, My Story, Informs What I Do

I believe that we all possess the knowledge to heal, and by heal I mean feel whole, feel seen and feel loved.  When we've lost our sense of wholeness and our sense of Self we need a guide to help us find our way back. That's where I come in. My ability to be that lifeline is a skill I honed through my own healing journey, with the help of many healers, guides and practitioners along the way.


In 1997 my husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition. A year later my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I did not have the means to handle my anxiety, overwhelm and stress so I started doing yoga and that opened the door for me to experience and explore many other alternative healing modalities, including energy healing.

My husband eventually found a practitioner who helped stop the progression of the disease that was slowly taking away his life.  Even though his situation seemed dire and hopeless at times, and caused the both of us significant trauma, there was a deep place, way in the back of my consciousness, that never gave up the possibility that he could heal.  Thirteen years after his diagnosis that reality came true and he had surgery that corrected his life-threatening heart condition.  His healing is a miracle.

After my husband's health was reclaimed my own health took a major nose-dive.  I'd expended all of my emotional and physical energy caring for everyone else and I had fallen out of balance with myself. I went into a spiritual crisis.  I set to working on reclaiming the pieces of myself that I had sacrificed and lost along the way and began rebuilding my inner foundation.    

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My healing journey, and my husband's, is what fuels my belief that healing is possible for you too. Our bodies are constantly striving for balance and harmony and when we fall out of balance our body lets us know through pain, discomfort or dysfunction.

I believe that negative emotional energy trapped in the body is what creates imbalance and, eventually, dysfunction and disease. The biggest loss we all face as humans comes from the impact of trapped negative emotions from our past which is inherently tied to the loss of connection and Love in our lives, primarily for ourselves. It is my job, as a healer, to help clients find the love, compassion and forgiveness within their own hearts for themselves so that True healing can take place.

I wholeheartedly trust that your body, your spirit and your soul knows exactly what is needed for healing and I allow it to guide me in your healing process.  I simply provide the tools and the environment to get you there.  

It is truly an honor and joy for me to facilitate your journey towards feeling whole and joyful!

The most ancient idea in the art of healing is that disease is caused by imbalance in the body. Trapped emotions are perhaps the most common type of imbalance that human beings suffer from. I believe that trapped emotions can be implicated in nearly all diseases, either directly or indirectly.
— Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code

People who've worked with me say:


Working with me by phone she affected my physicality and perspective as if she were a seasoned practitioner, freeing me of issues I’d been dealing with for years. I recommend her highly and without reservation. She’s a joy to work with and learn from in any setting.”
— Marcia C., after Emotion Code session for Heel Pain
I...found the session to bring great relief to some chronic discomfort I had been experiencing. I must say that my shoulders and feet/shins are feeling much more relaxed this morning...I am continuing to feel...liberated? Is that the word? It just feels like tension that was ever present has been released.”
— Ali R., after Emotion Code session for Shoulder, Foot, Shin Pain
I want to let you know that my daughter is doing amazingly well. She is like a different child. She is controlling her anger much better, she is happier, she is joyful, she can share some emotions, she is more open, she has more friends at school. It is amazing and I am very relieved. It certainly contributes to the current sense of peace in the home.”
— Kim S. after Heart Wall clearing for her 5-year old daughter with Anger Issues
I feel great actually. I’m feeling really resilient and not absorbing the energy of others for some reason, although I feel compassionate...just not stressed and sucked in.”
— Jennifer B. after Emotion Code session for general release of issues
I would put him at about a 2 or 3 for trust issues when he left [the rescue center]; much better than when he arrived :).”
— Maya P., after Emotion Code session with a horse in her rescue barn with Trust Issues
I am happy to report that I’m sleeping better and my neck and shoulder pain is virtually gone. I’ve been doing a variety of things for both, however, so it’s challenging to know exactly what is making the difference. Not very scientific, I’m afraid. But I’m delighted!”
— Susan M., after Emotion Code session for Neck and Shoulder Pain