What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanism is an entire cosmology that says that we are, by nature, meant to be in communion with all of life, starting with our own Self.  It is through this communion with our Self that we stand in our wholeness, in the sanctity of Love, and truly connected and engaged with our own life force and the life force that moves through all things.  

Our suffering in life stems from the pieces of ourselves that we’ve lost, given away or repressed. As we heal we begin to experience greater alignment within our life.   Our soul yearns to feel this wholeness.

Let's face it, life is challenging from the moment we are born!  As infants and children intense emotional experiences can leave us with lifelong issues of fear, anger, loss, pain, disappointment and more. We simply aren’t developmentally prepared to process intense emotional events and experiences on our own at this age.  So, our suffering begins and ensues through our lifetime as a result.

As we grow into adulthood we carry these buried, unexpressed feelings forward into our everyday lives.   When we encounter situations in life that touch into these hidden emotions we do everything in our power to keep from feeling them.  That is because we view the emotions from our child-self and feel overwhelmed at the strength and energy they contain--that if we feel them they will annihilate us.  

Thus, we walk through the world believing that the situations around us are the cause of our frustration, disappointment, anger, and isolation.   So, to deal with our suffering and discomfort we make countless efforts to change the things happening in our lives rather than focusing those efforts inward.  

No matter how hard we try to change the circumstances around us, we continue to bump up against the same disappointments and the same issues to no avail:  failed relationships, unfulfilled dreams, unrealized potentials, and so on.  When we get tired of making the same mistakes over and over we begin to realize that something's amiss and recognize an inner longing to do and feel something different.  

Disconnecting from anything we are feeling is truly what leads us to disconnect from our Self.  What is the Self?  The place of our own Truth, the place where our divinity and sacredness lies, and the place where we connect to guidance, love, compassion and forgiveness.  It is through the connection to our pain and our past that we find our way back to our Self and begin to feel  alignment with who we are at the core of our being.   

Shamanic Healing rituals and ceremonies have been in practice for thousands of years.  They address the emotional, spiritual, physical and energetic components of the human condition, offering a container to help us maneuver through loss and to reclaim the essence of who we are.  They help us remember that we are divine beings, worthy of feeling loved and of experiencing joy.

Shamanic healing begins with your intention and desire to heal.  My role as the practitioner is to hold a sacred and safe space for you and your healing.   Setting up of ceremony creates a container of safety and guidance for the healing by calling upon larger forces and energies to guide me in knowing what healing modality is most relevant for you and to relay information that is significant to your healing.  It is a deeply intuitive, personal and fulfilling experience that can result in subtle and/or significant shifts in your life.