I like to connect with each potential new client with a FREE, 60-minute clarity call before booking a session. This allows us to align with your needs and goals and to see if what I offer is appropriate matched to your needs.

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emotion code

Emotion Code (offered in 4-session blocks). In-person, phone or distance sessions available. Removes negative trapped emotions that have been experienced, inherited or absorbed and are negatively impacting your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being.

Heart Wall Session (block sessions).  Removes negative trapped emotions that have built an energetic wall around the heart.  Removing this wall allows one to express their true heart into the world while simultaneously allowing love and desired opportunities to come into one's life.

shamanic healing

In-person only.

These sessions begin with smudging, guided meditation, and the ceremonial calling in of the Four Directions, as well as other energies, to support our work together.  

Typically, after we've established why you are interested in a shamanic healing session, I am guided to use one of the healing modalities listed below.  


Power Animal Meditation (30 minutes)

Soul Retrieval (2 hrs.; can be broken up into two 1-hour sessions).  Soul retrieval returns physical energy that was lost during a challenging event in your past.  It is a potent healing that brings about empowerment and positive change.

Hands-on-Healing (1.5 hrs.).  Balances the flow of energy in your physical body and balances the flow of energy through each of your 7 chakras.

Chakra Balancing & Healing (1.5-2 hrs.). Balances the flow of energy through your physical body and identifies and removes imbalances in each of your 7 chakras.

Thought Form Removal (1-2 hrs.).  Identifies and removes unhealthy thought forms that are sabotaging the coming to fruition of  desires and actions in your life. 

Cord Cutting (1-2 hrs.).  Identifies and removes unhealthy energetic relationship connections in your life.

Sister Deer Healing (1 hr.).  For women only. This healing calls on the energy of Sister Deer to return the energy of innocence from the time it was first lost for you.  

Power Stones Reading (1 hr.).  This is a powerful system of divination using ancient and sacred pre-verbal symbols.  You will (blindly) pick 5 stones of 28 to determine how to move forward with a challenging issue in your life or to understand the general energy around your current situation and what to expect on the horizon.