I help women let go of the overwhelm of negative emotional clutter so they can connect to and trust the guidance, joy, and abundance of their heart.

Hi.  I'm glad you're here!

My purpose is to shine a light on what it is that makes you feel overwhelmed and trapped by negative emotions and events in your life. Releasing trapped negative emotional energy frees you to let the truth of who you are and what your true nature is to emerge.

Recognizing and accepting who you are in your own heart helps you connect to your purpose and to experience more connection, worthiness, abundance, and joy in your life!  

It is your birthright to freely express who you truly are in your heart and to feel safe welcoming love into your life!  

I use a combination of Emotion Code healing, Shamanic Healing and Intuitive Guidance. The healing work takes you on an inner journey of self-discovery and results in the creation of inner peace, lightness, and clarity that comes when the clutter begins to clear.

My offerings include:

  • Shamanic Healing sessions

  • Emotion Code packages (4 sessions)

  • A 12-week Blueprint to A Joyful Heart intensive (time sensitive). 

If you are interested in learning more please contact me, or fIll out the form below, to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY, no obligation one hour clarity session.  

 My desire and intention is to honor where you currently are on your path, and to help clear the path to your heart’s desires.  I truly love this work and look forward to guiding you along your journey!

From my Heart to Yours.

xo Anya

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While you are here, check a couple reviews (and see more on the “What I Do” page):

Anya has been instrumental in my healing and becoming, helping me create a space to be who I really am. Her style engages you in the process in a way that isn’t intimidating at all but that honors where you are at any particular moment. I have felt truly seen, appreciated, and not judged at any point. I highly recommend consulting with her to explore what she may be able to do with you.”
— Annie P.

And, a review about Emotion Code...

I feel great. I can’t thank you enough for your healing session. My to-do list is still long, and I’m still pulled in a million directions, but I have no physical reaction to these thoughts/feelings: no more jitters, stomach knots, sweaty palms, feelings of panic, or fight-or-flight.
— Laura, Business Owner